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Retailers partner with Phocos because of our proven brand recognition for quality, integrity, and service. Our family of off-grid and Any-Grid products guarantee your customer’s selection and satisfaction. Plus, our packaging and technical support materials make it easy for consumers, installers, and businesses to make clear buying decisions.

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    Unparalleled Customer Service

    Unparalleled Customer Service

    Because your time is money, Phocos keeps its order process simple and streamlined. With immediate entry by our sales team and proactive communication from our customer service teams, Phocos keeps you informed of your shipment status throughout the entire order fulfillment process. Plus, we have an informative video library, updated technical materials online, and we offer tech support from our expert engineers, whenever you need it, around the world.

    Phocos how-to videos and solar industry tips

    Let our videos work for you

    Our Phocos product specific how-to videos and solar industry tips will educate your customers and help you grow sales.

    Solar Panels - Retailer

    Increase sales with Phocos as your partner

    • Proven History
      – Phocos is a recognized leader in the industry
    • Simplified Ordering
      – Streamlined product catalog for easy selection, and orders are typically processed within 24 hours
    • Service & Communication
      Order tracking, online sales, and tech support
    • Digital & Marketing Support
      Up-to-date web and social media content, growing video library of solar industry and product insights, plus clear product documentation and easy to access product installation instructions

    Selecting Phocos Equipment

    CML-USB SERIES (5-20 A) - Solar Charge Controllers
    Phocos Product  ECO-N-MPPT
    FR-B SERIES (100/230/350 L) DC Chest Refrigerator
    CIS-N-MPPT SERIES (15-30 A) - Charge Controllers with Lighting Control
    Phocos Equipment - Inverters

    We have what your customers need to provide reliable energy access at the lowest life-cycle cost.

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    Phocos Americas, Inc.
    Tucson, AZ USA
    Phone +1 520 777-7906

    Phocos AG
    Ulm Germany
    Phone +49 731 9380688-0

    Phocos India Solar Pvt Ltd.
    Puducherry - India
    Phone +91 413 2972328

    Phocos China Ltd.
    Qingdao China
    Phone +86 532 83837020
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